Get the classes in the DEXPI Information Model.

Simple label of the class.
Simple label of the scope of the class, e.g., Equipment or Piping.


A scope corresponds to a chapter in the DEXPI Specification Document.

Optional. The RDL reference associated with the scale.
A boolean that indicates if the class is abstract. An abstract class should not be instantiated directly.


If a class is abstract, this does not mean that a certain XML element is forbidden in a DEXPI-compliant Proteus XML file. For example, the DEXPI class Equipment is abstract. In Proteus XML, any instance of Equipment or of a subclass thereof will be represented by an <Equipment> XML element. The subclass will be given by an appropriate RDL reference. However, as the DEXPI class is abstract, this RDL reference should be more specific than Equipment.

A boolean that indicates if a class is a range class. Range classes are auxiliary classes that are used in some declarations for model reference attributes that admit several standard classes. Range classes are always abstract.


A PipingNetworkSegment can start at different types of objects, including, for instance, a Nozzle or a PipingComponent. Thus, the FromItem attribute of PipingNetworkSegment uses an auxiliary class (a range class) to specify the admissible types of objects. This class is called RangeOfModelReferenceFromItemOfPipingNetworkSegment. It is a superclass of the admissible standard classes Nozzle, PipingComponent, etc.


In the DEXPI Specification Document, range classes are not explicitly mentioned. They are always replaced by their subclasses. For instance, the DEXPI Specification Document states that the admissible objects for FromItem must be one of Nozzle, PipingComponent, etc.


PREFIX meta: <>
PREFIX im: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX rdf: <>

SELECT ?cls_label ?scope_label ?cls_rdl ?is_abstract_class ?is_range_class
    ?cls a meta:ModelClass;
        meta:simpleLabel ?cls_label;
        ^meta:contains ?scope.

    ?scope meta:simpleLabel ?scope_label.

        ?cls meta:rdl ?cls_rdl.

    BIND(EXISTS {?cls a meta:AbstractClass} as ?is_abstract_class)
    BIND(EXISTS {?cls a meta:RangeClass} as ?is_range_class)

ORDER BY ?cls_label

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cls_label scope_label cls_rdl is_abstract_class is_range_class
ActuatingFunction Instrumentation false false
ActuatingSystem Instrumentation false false
AngleBallValve Piping false false
AngleGlobeValve Piping false false
AnglePlugValve Piping false false
... ... ... ... ...

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