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Filters, liquid filters, gas filters

Name ISO10628-RegNr ISO14617-RegNr Possible representations Symbol
Filter ISO10628-X8116 ISO14617-X2601
Liquid filter - -
Bag filter / candle filter / cartridge filter for liquids ISO10628-X8117 ISO14617-X2606

Fixed bed filter for liquids ISO10628-X8118 ISO14617-X2609
Suction filter ISO10628-X8019 -
Rotary filter ISO10628-X8119 ISO14617-X2603
Rotary filter with scraper ISO10628-X8120 -
Belt filter for liquids ISO10628-X8121 ISO14617-X2608
Filter press ISO10628-X2611 ISO14617-X2611
Ion exchange filter ISO10628-X8020 ISO14617-X2633
Biofiltration filter ISO10628-X8021 ISO14617-X2634
Gas filter ISO10628-X8122 -
Bag filter / candle filter / cartridge filter for gases ISO10628-X8022 -

Fixed bed filter for gases ISO10628-X8023 -
HEPA ISO10628-X8024 -
Belt filter for gases ISO10628-X8025 -