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Heat exchangers, steam generators, furnaces

Name ISO10628-RegNr ISO14617-RegNr Possible representations Symbol
Heat-exchanger ISO10628-X8079 ISO14617-X2501
Heat-exchanger M-Form ISO10628-X8017 -
Fixed tube heat-exchanger ISO10628-2511 ISO14617-2511
Floating head heat-exchanger ISO10628-2512 ISO14617-2512
U-Tube heat-exchanger ISO10628-2513 ISO14617-2513
Shell and coil heat-exchanger ISO10628-2514 ISO14617-2514
Double pipe heat-exchanger ISO10628-2515 ISO14617-2515
Plate and shell heat-exchanger ISO10628-2516 ISO14617-2516
Spiral tube heat-exchanger ISO10628-2517 ISO14617-2517
Finned-tube heat exchanger ISO10628-X8018 -
Finned-tube heat exchanger with fan ISO10628-X2505 -
Evaporator ISO10628-X8131 -
Electric heater ISO10628-X8132 -
Falling film evaporator ISO10628-X8133 -
U-tube bundle ISO10628-X8136 -
Floating head tube bundle ISO10628-X8137 ISO14617-2516
Cooling tower ISO10628-2521 ISO14617-2521
Dry cooling tower ISO10628-X8109 -
Dry cooling tower with forced draft ISO10628-X8110 ISO14617-X2523
Dry cooling tower with induced draft ISO10628-X8111 ISO14617-X2522
Wet cooling tower ISO10628-X8112 ISO14617-X2521
Wet cooling tower with forced draft ISO10628-X8113 -
Wet cooling tower with induced draft ISO10628-X8114 -
Wet and dry cooling tower ISO10628-X8115 -
Falling film cooler ISO10628-X2504 ISO14617-X2504
Steam generator ISO10628-2532 ISO14617-2532
Steam converter ISO10628-X8103 -
Furnace ISO10628-2533 ISO14617-2533
Burner ISO10628-X8107 -
Combustion chamber ISO10628-X8106 -
Chimney ISO10628-2041 -
Flare tower ISO10628-2591 ISO14617-2591
Horizontal vessel with dome ISO10628-X8108 -