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Lifting, conveying and transport

Name ISO10628-RegNr ISO14617-RegNr Possible representations Symbol
Conveyor ISO10628-X8060 -
Roller conveyor ISO10628-X8142 -
Belt conveyor ISO10628-3821 ISO14617-3821
Closed belt conveyor ISO10628-X8061 -
Reversible belt conveyor ISO10628-X8175 -
Closed chain conveyor ISO10628-X8062 -
Closed screw conveyor ISO10628-X8063 -
Closed vibrating conveyor ISO10628-X8064 -
Elevator ISO10628-3842 ISO14617-3842
Closed bucket elevator ISO10628-X8065 -
Closed Z-form bucket elevator ISO10628-X8066 -
Crane ISO10628-3841 ISO14617-3841
Industrial truck ISO10628-3871 ISO14617-3871
Tank car ISO10628-3874 ISO14617-3874
Box truck ISO10628-3872 ISO14617-3872
Pallet truck ISO10628-C0094 -
Forklift ISO10628-3862 ISO14617-3862
Ship ISO10628-3881 ISO14617-3881