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Piping and piping components

Name ISO10628-RegNr ISO14617-RegNr Possible representations Symbol
Pipe ISO10628-405 ISO14617-405
Secondary pipe ISO10628-X8156 -
Insulated pipe ISO10628-X322 ISO14617-X322
Heated or cooled pipe ISO10628-C0106
Jacketed pipe ISO10628-X409 ISO14617-X409
Heated or cooled pipe with insulation ISO10628-X8174 -
Piping component - -
Flange ISO10628-X8152 -
Flanged connection ISO10628-511 ISO14617-511
Clamped flange coupling ISO10628-513 ISO14617-513
Siphon ISO10628-2038 ISO14617-2038
End cap ISO10628-X8153 -
Slope ISO10628-3061 ISO14617-3061
Nozzle ISO10628-X8160 -
Mixing nozzle ISO10628-C0093 -
Sight glass ISO10628-2034 ISO14617-2034
Light glass ISO10628-X8089 -
Silencer ISO10628-2033 ISO14617-2033
Compensator ISO10628-533 ISO14617-533
Strainer ISO10628-X8090 -
Top hat strainer ISO10628-X8150 -
Orifice plate ISO10628-C0096 -
Blind disk ISO10628-C0097 -
Flanged blind disk ISO10628-517 -
Open disk ISO10628-C0098 -
Spectacle blind closed position ISO10628-2044 ISO14617-2044
Spectacle blind open position ISO10628-2045 ISO14617-2045
Vent ISO10628-2039 ISO14617-2039
Funnel ISO10628-2040 ISO14617-2040
Stream trap ISO10628-2181 ISO14617-2181
Pipe reducer ISO10628-516 ISO14617-516
Hose ISO10628-X411 -
Coupling ISO10628-C0100 -
Rupture disc ISO10628-X8080 ISO14617-2035
Flame arrestor ISO10628-2036 ISO14617-2036
Explosion proof flame arrestor ISO10628-C0087 -
Detonation proof flame arrestor ISO10628-C0088 -
Fire resistant flame arrestor ISO10628-C0091 -
Detonation proof and flame resistant flame arrestor ISO10628-C0089 -