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Vessels and tanks

Name ISO10628-RegNr ISO14617-RegNr Possible representations Symbol
Container - -
Fluid container - -
Vessel ISO10628-301 -
Open tank ISO10628-2061 ISO14617-2061
Conical roof tank ISO10628-X2063 ISO14617-X2063
Dome roof tank ISO10628-X8200 -
Vessel with dished heads ISO10628-2062 ISO14617-2062
Vessel with two diameters ISO10628-X8201 -
Spherical vessel ISO10628-2063 ISO14617-2063
Open tank with conical bottom ISO10628-2064 ISO14617-2064
Tank with conical bottom ISO10628-X2062 ISO14617-X2062
Vessel with dished roof and conical bottom ISO10628-X8008 -
Vessel with conical heads ISO10628-X8009 -
Container for solids, liquids, gases ISO10628-C0001 -
Barrel ISO10628-2067 ISO14617-2067
Gas bottle ISO10628-C0002 -
Bag ISO10628-2068 ISO14617-2068
Vessel with feet ISO10628-X8002 -
Vessel with lugs ISO10628-X8003 -
Vessel with skirt ISO10628-X8004 -
Vessel with carrier ring ISO10628-X8005 -
Jacketed vessel ISO10628-X2069 ISO14617-X2069
Vessel with dished heads and external electric heater ISO10628-X2070 ISO14617-X2070
Vessel with dished heads and insultation ISO10628-X8098 -
Vessel with dished heads and indication of filling level ISO10628-X8007 -
Spherical vessel with feet ISO10628-X8010 -
Vessel with full-tube coil ISO10628-X8000 -
Vessel with semi-tube coil ISO10628-X8001 -
Horizontal vessel with boot ISO10628-X8202 -
Bulk storage ISO10628-2065 ISO14617-2065