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ISO 10628 and ISO 14617 symbol catalogue

The aim of this symbol catalogue is, to ensure and support the uniform and unambigous usage of the ISO 10628 and ISO 14617 graphic symbols, as required by the standards of the ISO 15926. The catalogue provides the ProteusXML3.6.0 code equivalent to the graphic symbols of the ISO norms along with the corresponding references to the Posccaesar RDL.

Agitators, stirrers
Compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers, fans
Crushing machines, grinding machines
External devices
Filters, liquid filters, gas filters
Heat exchangers, steam generators, furnaces
Internal devices
Lifting, conveying and transport
Liquid pumps
Mixers, kneaders
Motors, engines, drives
Piping and piping components
Processing machines, shaping machines
Proportioners, feeders and distribution facilities
Screening devices
Vessels and tanks
Vessels, process columns and chemical reactors with internals